The Journey

This year, a group of 56 kids led by a 14 year old, joined forces to do something big, something beyond themselves, something uncommon, to bring glory to God and to build His church. The product is a 67 minute long movie that we pray will bless others and honor our Savior…

Glory in the Highest Productions

The Journey
Four questions, one answer…
Four lives, one journey…
In 5 B.C. Israel is suffering under the rule of the
Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus. Hopelessness reigns among the people.
A Roman librarian in northern Israel is weary of serving numerous Roman gods who have left him without purpose in life.
A young orphan girl longs for something wonderful to fill her.
A Jewish peasant is sure that God has forgotten him and his people.
A lonely beggar girl is determined that no one will love her.
Four lives unite on a desperate journey, following the prophecies in the Jewish Torah to a small town in southern Israel. Will their longings ever be fulfilled?

You may purchase this 67 minute long, family friendly movie, at for $12 including shipping, or order here at!
Please enjoy it and may the Lord bless you through it!

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