Monday, November 28, 2011

50% off sale on 'The Journey'

To celebrate the Christmas season and the birth of our Lord, Glory in the Highest Productions is having a 50% off sale on their Christmas movie The Journey! Until December 31st, 2011 The Journey is available for only $5 (plus $3 for shipping)! Click the "Buy Now" button on the right side of your screen to place your order. We hope you enjoy the movie!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Journey

This year, a group of 56 kids led by a 14 year old, joined forces to do something big, something beyond themselves, something uncommon, to bring glory to God and to build His church. The product is a 67 minute long movie that we pray will bless others and honor our Savior…

Glory in the Highest Productions


The Journey

Four questions, one answer…
Four lives, one journey…
In 5 B.C. Israel is suffering under the rule of the
Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus. Hopelessness reigns among the people.
A Roman librarian in northern Israel is weary of serving numerous Roman gods who have left him without purpose in life.
A young orphan girl longs for something wonderful to fill her.
A Jewish peasant is sure that God has forgotten him and his people.
A lonely beggar girl is determined that no one will love her.
Four lives unite on a desperate journey, following the prophecies in the Jewish Torah to a small town in southern Israel. Will their longings ever be fulfilled?

You may purchase this 67 minute long, family friendly movie, at for $12 including shipping, or order here at!
Please enjoy it and may the Lord bless you through it!